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More options will come as it goes on.
This post is just for voice testing ans getting the feel for this geek.  
Feel free to make up your own as well.

Scene one:
Partners Shaun's assigned to work with you for this mission.
Scene two: R&R
Some down time, how are you guys going to spend it.
Scene three:
Who hacked my inbox!?!?!?! The silly option because I'm writing this post up while on a caffeine low so yeah.

R & R

2017-01-17 05:39 (UTC)
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Cal never thought he'd be able to meet more Assassins. He figured that Moussa and Lin would be it. The Brotherhood was too crippled and unable to pull itself back yet. Then they came across Bishop, who then introduced them to Shaun and Rebecca. They had direct contact with the Mentor. It sent a shiver down Cal's spine as he recalled how deeply Aguilar cared for Benedicto. He wondered if it would be a relationship to repeat itself, or if he'd never see the face of the Order's Mentor.

He pinched the bridge of his nose with a deep sigh. The Bleeding Effect. Images of Aguilar weren't as common now, but he could still hear the clang of swords and the screams in Spanish.

2017-01-17 09:15 (UTC)
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by [personal profile] pionero
Bishop was apparently in charge of something called "the Initiates." He heard the name in passing with Rebecca, but didn't bother to ask or look into it more. Until he was told otherwise, Cal didn't give a damn. It was hard enough to allow himself to trust the people in front of him.

Especially when Shaun was going on with questions that he thought were obvious.

"Screaming," Cal said bluntly, emotionless. "Asking them not to burn our Mentor alive."

Our, not theirs. Sometimes separating himself from Aguilar was difficult. Most days it wasn't. Today was one of those days. How lovely for him.

"Saying what are they saying doesn't make a person feel any less crazy." He pointed out.

2017-01-18 08:05 (UTC)
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"You had a friend that the Templars shoved in the Animus as well?"

Cal hadn't bothered to ask much about the small cell of Assassins that Shaun operated with. He heard that someone named Lucy Stillman and someone else named Desmond Miles died. Presumably, Desmond was the son of William Miles. He didn't particularly feel like asking or learn anything more than he already had. It didn't feel relevant, and it certainly felt like he was intruding on something personal. Cal had enough of intruding on dead men's graves for a lifetime. Even if something, deep down, told him he'd probably see more ancestors eventually.

Then he rolled his eyes and tilted his head back to look at the ceiling. He threw the small ball in his hands upwards, catching it, then repeating the motion over and over again. Partially because he was bored, partially because he wanted to annoy Shaun.

"If you have any questions about what happened in Madrid? You better ask." He said calmly and with an edge of coolness. "Before the Mentor decides he's going to interrogate me himself."

2017-01-20 06:20 (UTC)
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by [personal profile] pionero
"It's not something you want to talk about." Cal confirmed. "People look at you like you're crazy enough."

The look that he shot Shaun said he wasn't in the mood for the British politeness. He caught the ball, gave it a good squeeze, before throwing it more aggressively at the ceiling.

2017-01-23 21:04 (UTC)
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"I'm not really a people person." Cal said in regards to the not liking statement. "If you were my babysitter, you'd be making me lunch and bringing it. You're a insurance guide. Making sure I don't snap and become someone from five hundred years ago."

Which was more an annoyance at himself than it was for Shaun. He knows there is a certain amount of liability to the Assassins. He is one of them, but he's also a danger.

"You're a history buff. I have memories from the Spanish Inquisition. I'm sure that you care about that."

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