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C H A R A C T E R;
NAME: Shaun Hastings
Assassin's Creed
End of AC:Syndicate
Early 30's

CANON HISTORY: http://assassinscreed.wikia.com/wiki/Shaun_Hastings
Shaun's not big into huge governments not organizations running things and it's his nature to try to poke holes into them, or break them down if at all possible. Though he doesn't like to make huge waves that will put him in the public eye.

He's a cynical ass when he wants to be, usually pointing out the obvious. Part of this might just be because he’s the only Brit working with a group of Americans who he feel don’t really reach the same level of intelligence as they do (thus the reason he is cold to Desmond at first and chides Rebecca like she’s a child in some of the early interactions in the first game he’s introduced in). To those who don't know him it may seem like he is just a cold asshole (partially true!). Until he feels he can actually trust someone that’s pretty much true. Though even when he trusts a person he’ll keep up the facade around others if nothing else to keep people from getting too close. This is to both protect himself, and those he cares about (Mostly Rebecca whom he respects due to them being colleagues so long, and the fact she is always saving his ass, even before he was an Assassin).

Speaking of his partner, Rebecca's the one that actually brought him into the assassins, after finding him poking around Abstergo. Despite her warnings he kept pulling the thread until he was caught. If it wasn't for her intervention he would have been taken to them, instead he managed to escape and was teamed up with her to back up Lucy Stillman who was a mole planted in Abstergo. The two may bicker and insult each other, but Shaun does respect Rebecca more than any of the other Assassins he works with. Most of the insults thrown her way are light teasing, which she throws back in kind, or just ignores. Over the years working with her they have a relationship that is a dance way more complicated than it should be, he obviously cares about her, but doesn't seem to want to really tell her.

Though he doesn't seem to have many he calls friends in the first place. This may be a throwback to when he just dabbled in conspiracy theories, after all when releasing secrets on people like the Illuminati and other secret societies (cough Templar cough) it’s usually a good idea to stay anonymous. Though Shaun’s always dabbled in information, being part of the Assassins has just given him a safer outlet than the dark web to spout off his endless well of random historical trivia, like the Sacred Geometrical symbol for God, or random dates tied to important events in the Church. Which leads to the hint that he was a member of the Catholic church at one point, and he either left being disenfranchised by the people in the church, or he was removed because of his conspiracy theories. Both seem plausible with his personality (I think he may have spent at least some time in Seminary school because some of the knowledge he uses is a bit further than just Altar boy).

Because of his knowledge though, he’s usually one of the people that the modern Assassins go to if they need assistance in a research manner. Most of the time on screen he’s shown to be a glorified desk jockey and enjoying it. Shaun is pretty much the walking database of information that most of the Modern Assassins seem to go to when they're stuck and he enjoys that position.

Though all that seems to change after the death of Desmond Miles, someone whom he took a while to warm up to, though admired as a friend and a kind of role model. He took this death harder than he did Lucy's, which he understood was against Desmond's control. But with Desmond, he chose to sacrifice himself, saving everyone in the process, now Shaun's just trying to live up to that, by helping the Assassins make sure that the Templar don't win and control the world.

By doing this he has had to actually step up and not hide behind his computer anymore. He's taken learning the skills needed to survive in the new world that Desmond set for them. This included fighting (he's so proud of his hidden taser as opposed to a hidden blade) and some parkour (free running) enough to have learned how to do a Leap of Faith. He's still the go-to info guy when other Assassins need the assistance, though for the most part he's working with Bishop and Rebecca to train the Initiates so they can join the ranks of the Assassins. He's also tamed some of the snark, though he still talks down to others somewhat.

He’s shown to be determined not to lose another friend. When Rebecca takes a bullet for him his first thought is to get her to safety, to hell with the mission. Though considering the two of them are the last of the team he started out with, it’s not a surprise that he’s protective of her.

I'm taking him from the end of Assassin's Creed Syndicate, just after he hears a shot go off and Rebecca Crane tackles into him (taking the bullet for him). He'll know the location of the object they're looking for, but he won't know that his partner's been hit. So of course he's going to be freaking out about that.

Hacking / Computers: Shaun was brought into the Assassin's because of his hacking for the most part, though his skill with computers allowed him to create a database that the Assassins all over the globe utilize when they need information. Within it he's put in detailed information about anything he's gleaned from sources on everything, down to pets of people of interest in the past.
Blending in: He may not be the first person that would be thought of to go undercover on a mission, though he took up the role of Barista in Abstergo in order to have someone on site in order to make hacks into the company's servers easier. While he had a reason to be there, he went for a while being unnoticed by the people he was actually trying to bring down.
Parkour: I'm pretty sure he's not an expert at this yet (at least not to the levels other Assassins are) but I'm sure he knows the basics and is slightly better than average people. Pretty sure he has enough skill to be a novice (he does do a leap of faith at the beginning of Syndicate, though later scenes has him limping, which tells me he needs to work on landings from high heights.)

INVENTORY: Netbook, cellphone, and his hidden taser blade (though the power source may almost be dead if not be dead from the fight with the Templar before his departure point), a messenger bag man-purse (to hold his netbook and maybe some random slips of paper, a few receipts, few pens, and his glasses).


M A R K S;

Hermit – Shaun's greatest strengths are his self-isolation and distancing himself from others for the most part. Hacking and being a conspiracy theorist aren't exactly jobs that you go into when you want to have a lot of friends hanging around you all the time. Even as an Assassin, he's alone in a crowd, blending into the public, but not being a member of the general populace. As one of the information gatherers, he often guides his brothers and sisters in the Modern Brotherhood with the missions they're on.

Fool – Shaun's inexperience with field work is what nearly got him and Rebecca caught in London. Though after that he just kept seeming to be more reckless, taking risks that he normally would, taking on security that he would have normally tried to avoid.

Justice – Cold and insensitive is how he starts out with strangers. Though his curiosity is what gets him involved with the Assassins in the first place. He has a need to know what's going on, even if it's just theories. Shaun's also shown in all the games he's in so far to be the voice of logic and reason for the most part, logically figuring out puzzles or clues for everyone, or in some instances being the voice of reason for his team when they seem to be straying off course.

Moon – Main reason I chose this one for Shaun is his canon point, he's confused about what's going on with the situation he's in, fearful that Rebecca may be dying or dead. Worried about his partner whom is probably the closest he's had to a romantic relation since he joined the Assassins even though they aren't romantically engaged…

Death – Shaun's still dealing with the deaths of Desmond and Lucy (even if she was a traitor she had earned his respect). He's already in the process of changing from his nice 'safe' position as just the tech guy for the Assassins into taking a more pro-active role even if it means taking reckless risks that put him and those he cares about in harm's way all for the sake of ending the war between the Templar and Assassins.

Judgment – Shaun's in a state of new beginnings in Syndicate, being in the field more, and having to rely more on his personal strengths for his own safety than knowing that others will be there to back him up if he's in danger. It's his decisions that will make or break him and his team now, since he just has his partner Rebecca, he's almost accepted the fact that he couldn't have talked Desmond out of sacrificing himself for the world. Even though he still thinks he could have tried a little harder.


S A M P L E S;

Le action sample


Shaun pushed away from the computer closing his eyes a moment. What Rebecca had proposed seemed insane, both of them played support roles, they weren't really leaders, right? Though, they were the ones that had contacted the Initiates and were the go-between, for them and the Assassins.

He mulled it over while watching her. Despite treating her like a child half the time, he would never admit fully that he admired her tenacity when it came to a project. Briefly, he wondered if that had been the case when she had first found him flailing about making a scene in the conspiracy theory boards. In the last few years he was actually surprised at how much he had grown up from those days, shaking his head he looked up at the ceiling. “Something tells me this is either going to be the stupidest thing I've followed you into Becca, or the worst.” He didn't say it too loud, and he knew he'd have to tease her about it at some point. Probably over coffee, but for now, she was right. They needed to do something. And he had felt more, alive, being out there helping Desmond before. And she'd go without me if I decided against it. I can't lose her, not after Lucy and Desmond. He slipped off his glasses to clean them a moment. He needed to go find Rebecca, make sure they actually had a plan before they really thought about it.

He'd go along of course, someone had to keep her out of trouble right? And he was a gentleman that was part of his job… Okay so she did a better job of saving his ass but didn't mean he didn't try and the two of them, he couldn't think of having another partner. “Who would have thought a girl would be the death of me.” He muttered to himself.

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